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by Inn13

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released March 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Inn13 UK

4 dudes and a girl from Plymouth, UK who play doom with many a twist. Only one rule applies- no lager! Head over to our facebook page...

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Track Name: Fucking Hippies
Peace, love and understanding won't get him far
Shot down, at the first sign of a resistance
Smokes his weed, and takes shit all day long
You can smell that he hasn't had a bath for weeks

He's a fucking hippie,
you're all, fucking hippies

Fed his followers, on bread and fish
Used my credit card, the cheeky piece of shit
A real man would have got a fucking steak
Dumb bunch of fools are easily impressed

He's a fucking hippie,
you're all, fucking hippies

He's a fucking hippie cunt

water into wine, what the fuck?
offspring of mine should know their ale
must have ovaries, he's practically a girl
see him standing there, with his fucking pint of lager
Track Name: Drinking Contest
Time for a contest, so that we can see
The viking or the Greek, who's the biggest pussy?

One round is yours, and the next is mine

The rules are simple, all drinks must be finished
the loser's the one who's resolve is diminished

So the age old question, of beer of wine

So many drinks, from up and down the bar
I really didn't think it would go this far

Come on hermaphrodite shit, serve the next drink
One by one we'll chug, until the loser's sick

I didn't hang on the tree all this time to lose

Look at him failing, he can't handle it
Give him more to drink, the gobby little shit

Mission viking buttplug will go without a hitch

We got him now, look he's sleeping
Now let's get this broom handle inside of him
Track Name: Sirens
Sitting under the table
not listening to the brethren
looking at the slag angel
drinking from the fluorescent bottle
what spell has she put me under without any panties on
how could she make me happy
if she doesn't know barrel my ale comes from

Reaching for my broadsword
to plunge deep into her ravenous pit
pause for a moment
to think, to think, to think
pros outweigh the cons now
the beauty and the beast
I could save her from damnation
lead her from the famine to the feast